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Today’s credit managers have to deal with vastly complex issues. From light-speed credit decisions to multi-stage collections, managing information to mastering new technology, and government regulation to globalization, the challenges are endless. Credit managers can equip themselves to deal with complexity by updating and expanding their professional knowledge and networks through the specialized resources of NACM.

Increase your efficiency and effectiveness, boost your everyday
contribution to your company’s bottom line and become a more
competent and confident decision maker


  • Alert Reporting
    Pertinent report information includes any information about the account including, but not limited to, NSF checks, bankruptcies, write-offs, collections, fraud and more.
  • Account Monitor Service
    The Account Monitor Service (AMS) refers to specific time-period and dollar ranges for past due slow pay, alerts, collection claims and more. Members provide the monitor criteria and are notified when there is a change in activity.
  • Statistical Reporting
    The Portfolio Risk Analysis (PRA) is our statistical report that recaps members’ AR submission. The PRA calculates the predictive score on each account and lists the total results by score class. Each class includes the total number of accounts in that category and the dollar exposure across accounts. With each total calculated is the percentage of the entire account base. Each report total includes a graphical representation of the dollar volume totals from the report, illustrating the amount of exposure from all accounts which fall into the scoring categories.
  • Education
    Keep up to date on the most recent news, events, training and best practices within your industry. Group meetings provide a convenient space to access, network and learn from credit managers and industry professionals.
  • National Trade Credit Report
    The NACM National Trade Credit Report (NTCR) is offered exclusively to NACM members and has an extensive trade database that can give you the information needed to make informed credit decisions. The trade payment history comes from the members of participating NACM Affiliates coast to coast. These tradelines are submitted through monthly accounts receivable submissions and NACM Industry Credit Groups. The NTCR may also include DBT, Predictive Score, Collection Claims, Public Records, Corporate Information and more.
  • Trade Profile Report
    This report allows the member to take a deeper dive into the payment history of specific sources. Historical payment experience is available if a source has at least 3 months of payment history.
  • Insight2 Report
    A comprehensive report that includes data elements from both the NTCR and Experian. The report may include 3 scores; Predictive (NTCR) and Commercial & Stability (Experian); corporate linkage, credit utilization, six-month DBT trends (NTCR), quarterly trends (Experian), OFAC and trade line data from both sources.
  • Insight3 Report
    A comprehensive report that includes data elements from the NTCR, Experian & Equifax. The report may include multiple scores; Predictive (NTCR), Commercial & Stability (Experian), Business Failure Score (Equifax); multiple index Account and Industry Payment (Equifax), corporate linkage, credit utilization, six-month DBT trends (NTCR), quarterly trends (Experian), OFAC and trade line data from two sources and financial account data.
  • Equifax Business Credit Industry Report Plus 2.0
    A comprehensive report from Equifax Commercial Products that includes company profile, Business Delinquency Score, payment index, open & closed financial accounts, balance trends and more.
  • Consumer Reports
    Available via our sister company, CIC Credit, at discounted pricing for NACM Tampa members. Learn more about the people behind the small to medium-sized business before credit is extended.


    • Web-based solution available on our portal
    • Instant access to all three national bureaus- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion
    • Individual, Co-Bureau & Tri-Bureau reports – All reports pulled instantaneously
    • Canadian Consumer Reports – Equifax Only
    • No monthly minimums or annual fees
    • FCRA Compliant
    • Background checks – Tenant & Employment screening reports
    • All consumer credit report products require separate compliance documentation and set up fees
  • Outsource Your Credit Reference Requests
    Take the workload off your staff and outsource your credit inquiries to us. This feature allows monthly AR contributors to outsource their credit references to NACM Tampa. Members maintain control and access on the portal, and review management reports. All information is protected by a security code, which is maintained by you, the member!
  • Discounts
    Member Discounts on Seminars, Webinars, and Conferences to include Notice to Owner and Lien Laws
  • Legislative Updates and Monitoring
    Lobbying for creditors rights and notifications as to changes.
  • Commercial Collection Services
    NACM Tampa has partnered with Commercial Collection Corp of New York. CCC provides excellent customer service with proven collection results. Please visit CCC at


  • NACM National Newsletter
  • NACM’s Resource Library and online Bookstore*
  • Knowledge & Learning Center*
  • Professional educational conferences, such as NACM National Credit Congress & Exposition*
  • Accreditation programs such as CBA, CBF, CCE, CCRA,  CICP, or ICCE designations*
  • Publications including NACM’s Weekly eNews, Monthly Credit Essentials, Business Credit Magazine (now offered in the app store),  and Credit Manager’s Index

*additional costs apply

NACM Tampa is your single source for business-credit education and networking.