NACM Tampa Presents

A Webinar by Deborah E. Lawson, CLA

Direct Purchase of Construction Materials by Tax Exempt Entitles in the State of Florida
Recorded October 2013

Included in the Webinar

Part I

  • Construction is treated differently
  • Contractor is the end user
  • Scheme to avoid taxable transactions is fraught with pitfalls

Part II

  • The transaction must truly be a direct sale to the tax exempt entity & the devil is in the details
  • The importance of time
  • The substance of the transaction rather than the form
  • Certificates of entitlement
  • Dealing with other tax exempt entities

Part III

  • Thing to look out for
  • Fabrication tax
  • Identified revitalization projects
  • NACM ICPC is fighting for you

This is a 35 min pre-recorded webinar.
The cost is $15.