Collection Rates

  • Free Demand
    If notified during demand period, no fees charged on payments made - partially or in full - when received within the Final Demand Period.
  • Commercial Claims
    Under $300: 50%
    Over $300 - $2000: 28%
    Over $2000 (collected): 20%
  • Special Accounts
    1. All accounts over one year from last invoice date: 50%
    2. When returned merchandise or equipment is accepted in settlement, 1/2 of prevailing commission applies.
    3. NSF, Returned Checks: 50%
  • Commissions (Fees)
    Commissions will be charged according to the type of account (commercial or special).

    Members are invoiced for commissions due on direct payments.
  • Bonded Attorney Services
    Suit fees and costs must be advanced by the members. Suit fees are non-contingent.

    Accounts forwarded to attorneys are subject to prevailing local bar rates if different than our present rates.

Accounts placed for collection are not subject to withdrawal without payment of commission.