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NACM Tampa Presents a Webinar by Deborah E. Lawson, CLA ©2013

"Direct Purchase of Construction Materials by Tax Exempt Entities in the State of Florida"
A Pre-Recorded Webinar Created & Presented by Deborah E. Lawson, CLA
Sponsored by NACM Tampa Inc

This webinar is an overview of Florida’s Sales Tax Law regarding Direct Purchase of Construction Materials by Tax Exempt Entities

The total recording is 35 minutes long
Cost: $15

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The following items are covered in the webinar: :
Part I
  • Construction is Treated Differently
  • Contractor is the End User
  • Scheme to Avoid Taxable Transaction is Fraught with Pitfalls
Part II
  • The Transaction Must Truly Be a Direct Sale to the Tax Exempt Entity & The Devil is in the Details
  • The Importance of Time
  • The Substance of the Transaction Rather than the Form
  • Certificates of Entitlement
  • Dealing with other Tax Exempt Entities

Part III
  • Things to Look Out For
  • Fabrication Tax
  • Identified Revitalization Projects
  • NACM ICPC is Fighting for You?




Guest Speaker
Deborah E. Lawson

Ms. Lawson is a governmental affairs consultant who lives and works in Tallahassee, Florida.

She has represented NACM before the Florida Legislature since 1994 and actively participates on behalf of NACM in The Construction Coalition.

In addition to her legislative work, Ms. Lawson is a certified legal assistant with over 30 years experience in legal and legislative matters. She owned and managed a notice to owner service and co-authored The Guide to Florida’s Small Claims Court Procedures. She lectures statewide on construction lien law and legislative issues. Ms. Lawson currently serves as NACM Tampa’s lobbyist in Tallahassee.

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