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National Computer & Consumer Electronics Trade Group

NACM Tampa has been a viable organization located in the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years. They are well-respected in the area and they provide valuable credit related informational services locally and nationally. I became aware of their organization 27 years ago when I started working for a small, local wholesale distributor of computer products. I was hired as their Regional Credit Manager and was startled to find out that this industry, being relatively new, had no credit information sharing mechanism amongst themselves and therefore was experiencing unnecessarily high levels of bad debt.


I immediately approached Bill Meeker at NACM Tampa to see if he could help me create a trade credit group that would enable normal credit information interchange and within weeks, we had 10 companies willing to join. Soon thereafter, we grew to over 50 and included literally every major distributor in our industry. Mechanisms were created to enable easy trade reference interchange and meetings were established to promote better business practices. By being able to quickly disseminate positive and negative credit information, we determined that millions in bad debt was saved throughout our group.


I cannot speak highly enough of the folks at NACM Tampa and how hard they worked to make sure we put together something of great value to our industry. Since those early years, they have branched out substantially and have dozens of national trade credit groups and provide many other valuable services. The organization continues as one of high integrity and great capability. I would recommend them and their complete menu of services to any organization!  Please feel free to call me or our group representative at any time for a more detailed recommendation.  Mike Zava, Senior Vice President Credit & Customer Service, Tech Data Corporation




“Our company has been a member of the NACM Tampa Computer & Consumer Electronics Group for 20 years. The trade information along with the credit scoring system provided is invaluable when evaluating both existing customers as well as potential new customers.


We have gained a wealth of knowledge from the various education topics presented during our meetings.  We have also gained a great deal of “borrowed” experience from the other members of the group. NACM strives to provide the latest technology along with the most current and accurate trade reporting trends. NACM continues to bring information, technology, and services that are relevant to our business needs. The benefits associated with the information, services, and networking opportunities acquired through our NACM membership are simply immeasurable.”  Benjamin Baab – Credit Review Supervisor , Synnex Technology Corporation



I have been in the credit / collections industry for many years. However, until I began my employment with Supplies Network, I had never entered into business with NACM. I had been approached on numerous occasions by NACM but never felt the need to partner with them.  “What do they have to offer me that I couldn’t find on my own?”  WOW! What a fool I was.  When I started with Supplies Network 3 years ago NACM was already being used and the people here were hooked.  I was skeptical to say the least.  Within 1 month of my employment I was a believer as well! 


Once I started reviewing new applications for a credit decision and saw the information made available to me through NACM, I started to see the importance of my membership.  The information that was made available from like vendors was accurate and a good way to judge the customers ability to pay.  Not only did I use this for new applications but I used this on existing customers that were struggling to see if other vendors were experiencing the same thing. Again, I was very pleased with the data that I was able to obtain.


I then started to play around with the NACM website to learn about other services that I had available to me.  I was able to do comparisons with my DSO vs. other like vendors.  I was able to pull reports showing my accounts statistics from “very low risk” to “no score already 25% past due 90+ days” and within that see each account that fell in the 7 different rating categories.  The information available allowed me to protect my company and see what others were experiencing.


NACM Tampa does an outstanding job in answering to all of my needs and special requests.  They provide me tools and contacts that have become a critical part of my credit process.  I am constantly referring other wholesalers in my industry to NACM Tampa in hopes that they will at least give them a try.  My only regret is that I didn’t get involved with NACM earlier in my career.  Jacque Cuggino – Corporate Credit Manager, Suppliers Network Inc.





In spite of the rapid growth and diversification in D&H’s business model, there is one singular constant in the information we use to decision both new and existing customers…NACM Tampa information.


Over the years, we have switched credit analysis software many times and there remains a singular constant partner in supplying quality information, pertinent and topical to our business…NACM Tampa.


If I had to gauge the value of any of the information providers we use in our risk analysis, the most important has and always will be…NACM Tampa.


The most valuable and enduring professional relationships I have forged in my over 20 years in this business can be found within the group at, you guessed it, NACM Tampa.


NACM Tampa is peerless in data quality, group service and support, and helping D&H Distributing grow and prosper for many years to come!” 

Tony Warfield, Director Credit Services, D&H Distributing


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I have been with Ingram Micro for 22 years and been a member of NACM for most of that time. I consider the relationships I have formed through the group to be extremely valuable. The networking with my peers in the computer industry has given me tremendous insight.   Also, the information gained from the NACM credit reports gives our company the ability to make quick and logical credit decisions.

The NACM management and staff are extremely helpful and generally care about the quality of information they provide. They go the extra mile in providing up to date services and credit information which allows us to better manage our business. They are easy to work with and are available when we have issues.

I enjoy being part of the group and find it extremely valuable.

Diane Fitzgerald, Senior Director – Financial Shared Services, Ingram Micro


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National Swimming Pool & Spa Industry Credit Group


Poolmaster has been a member of NACM Tampa for many years. We consider the tools and resources made available to members invaluable in our credit review process. The low cost of being a member makes for a great ROI.

Jon Clark, Controller, Poolmaster, Inc




The NACM Tampa Pool & Spa Industry Group has been instrumental in my efforts to support our sales initiative in growing this portion of our motor business.  The information gathered from this group has helped me support increased credit limits while controlling overall risk in this segment.  The group educational programs and industry speakers are also helpful in further understanding our industry and our profession! 

Brenda Jalowiec, Global Director Credit & AR, Nidec Motor Corporation


Nidec Motor Corporation





National Fence Products Trade Group

“Our company has been an active member of the NACM Tampa Fence Industry Credit Group for over 15 years.  The services provided have been invaluable to our company.   We have at our fingertips a database that contains information from a vast number of industries.  These reports have been an excellent resource when evaluating both existing customers as well as potential new accounts to expand our portfolio.  The meeting environment provides an opportunity to learn from one another, share personal growth experiences as well as bring in professionals to discuss topics of interest to our group.


NACM Tampa has been proactive in growing with us.  They continue to provide us the latest technology available for trade groups and continue to expand the services offered to us to meet the needs of our organization.  My personal thanks to the members of the group and NACM Tampa for providing me the resources that makes my job a little bit easier.”   Roseann M. Phillips, Director of Credit, Delair LLC


NACM Tampa has absolutely been the most invaluable educational experience in my career.  Not only is their Staff helpful and professional, they are mentors to those that need it.  The customized education for our Fence Products Group, along with our quarterly meetings where networking is encouraged continues to enhance my ability to bring back information to my company to help with internal process improvement.   I feel truly blessed to be involved with NACM Tampa.  Debbie Fagan Phillips, Credit Manager Jamieson Manufacturing Co. 




“We were approached by NACM Tampa approximately 12 years ago to join as a member. However, because we are a privately-held company, our board did not want to disclose any information about our customers-especially to any competitors. Therefore, we declined the invitation to join.


About five years later we (my assistant who handles past due accounts and I) were invited as guests of the meeting to observe the process and if we wanted to join, we could. Going into the meeting we were told we could look at the members’ information but we could not take any of it outside of the meeting room, which we agreed is fair for both the group and for our company. What we learned could have saved us several thousand dollars, a lawsuit and a lot of headaches: A relatively new customer that was extremely past due with us was also extremely past due with several other fence companies. Had we known that, we never would have granted them credit. I was able to convince our board that times had changed, there is a confidentiality agreement in place among the group members and we need to use all tools available to us to make credit decisions.


The board agreed to this recommendation and my assistant and I have never regretted joining the group. NACM Tampa is a professional organization that looks out for us-their customers-so that we keep our credit losses to a minimum. They also offer a collection agent who has done as well for us as we could expect. I highly recommend any fence company to join this group.”  Tom Hirn, Vice President Finance, Nebraska Plastics, Inc.




For over 10 years our company has been a dynamic member of the NACM Credit Group. From an Oldcastle perspective the skills and services afforded have been vital. The information that is discussed during the national meetings has proven invaluable in safeguarding the fencing industry and we would encourage any members that are not attending the national meetings to do so as the expense more than pays for itself. It is also an ideal forum for education with the offering of specific training areas by professionals.


The services provided from both the website and collection services have added to our ability to function more efficiently and protect our company’s assets. This has aided us with the confidence to make more accurate business decisions when granting credit.


We are very fortunate to be involved with an organization that is working as a partner to improve the fencing industry in the area of credit management and recommend to any fence company to become a member.

Richard Lankester, Vice President Finance, Merchants Metals Inc., a division of Oldcastle Inc.




National Communications Credit Group

Our company has been a member of the NACM Tampa Communications Group for 5 years. The trade information along with the credit scoring system provided are invaluable when evaluating both existing customers as well as potential new customers. We have gained a wealth of knowledge from the various education topics presented during our meetings.  We have also gained a great deal of “borrowed” experience from the other members of the group. NACM strives to provide the latest technology along with the most current and accurate trade reporting trends. NACM continues to bring information, technology, and services that are relevant to our business needs. The benefits associated with the information, services, and networking opportunities acquired through our NACM membership are simply immeasurable.

Benjamin R Baab, Credit Review Supervisor, SYNNEX Technology Solutions



Having been an NACM member in general for the entire 25+ years  I’ve been a Credit Manager, and specifically belonging to various national trade groups during that time, there is no better place to get information to help in your credit making decisions regarding your customers and potential customers than through an NACM trade group.  It’s far better to get up to the minute information regarding a customer from a person you are sitting across the room from who may have just visited a customer or just had an in depth discussion with the owner than from some “blind report” where you don’t know who or when the information was reported.  And with technology advances over the years, some believe the value of such groups has diminished with reports being put on line, etc., but in actuality, the technology advances have made meetings in person and through conference calls all the more important.  While information exchanged has to be historical and factual in nature, you can still gain additional information through a trade group meeting such as reports on recent customer visits, etc. which otherwise do not show up on older, static reports.  Trade groups and meetings also include educational information on current topics of interest for the group, again something that is difficult to pick up except at live meetings.  It is difficult to put a dollar amount on the importance of membership in such groups.

Chris Finch, Credit Manager, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp./Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations USA, Inc.

Magento Commerce



Book Publishers Credit Group

We are extremely confident in the integrity of the credit data that is provided by NACM Tampa, and are comfortable making credit decisions on this data.  Our company has been a member for 13 years and plan on continuing this relationship in the future.       

The website is a measurable time saver and easy to navigate for our staff in a busy Credit department.  We enjoy the Publisher to Publisher interaction at the meetings.  They consistently provide great speakers that share interesting and educational information with the group.   Karen Tatman ,  Credit Collections Manager, Rowman & Littlefield Publishing

Southeast Roofing Suppliers Industry Trade Group

NACM is one of my most used credit tools.  Our company has been a member of NACM since 1985 and it is one of my most reliable resources.  Our company is, in part, a roofing supplier and NACM provides business trade credit that is specific to our industry.  NACM trade credit information is up to date and an invaluable resource while evaluating customers for new credit and increases in existing accounts.


Additionally, there are regular group meetings with educational speakers, seminars, and training for myself and my credit department employees.  NACM provides opportunities to meet others in the industry.  In fact, I have formed vital business relationships with other members of NACM, which has provided countless opportunities for sharing information, professional growth and improving the credit division of our company.  For me, NACM has become one of my most vital professional resources.   Phil Spake, Credit Manager, Sunniland Corporation

Roofing and Fertilizer Products


Southwest Florida Building Suppliers Industry Trade Group

During my 25 plus years in finance and credit, I have always been affiliated with NACM Tampa.  Their credit reports are clear in presenting the information that a credit manager needs to evaluate in making decisions.  Reports are current due to the large number of members who provide monthly aging reports.  They also contain corporate and lien/legal information that is invaluable when making a credit decision.  Thanks to their cutting-edge technology, the information contained in their database keeps me in touch with local and national credit history.   The trade groups they sponsor are professionally organized and monitored to prevent any anti-trust problems.  The group meetings also offer professional speakers for additional learning experiences.  In retrospect, I can’t imagine doing my job effectively without the support they provide.   Cheri Ray, Collections Manager, Preferred Materials Inc - Concrete


Florida Statewide Wholesale Building Materials Distribution

As a new credit manager 22 years ago I needed as much training and information as I could gather. The construction market was in the midst of a terrible downturn. NACM Tampa fit that order. I met experienced credit managers at the group meetings, who mentored me and are great mentors even today. The local chapters allow the best “ear to the ground” information available. We all get to know each other. We can call each other for shareable information and bounce ideas off each other. Local branches provide NACM Tampa with the most up to date information of any credit reporting agency. They constantly update information from members to members.  NACM Tampa’s staff is over the top. They are willing to help with anything a credit manager needs. Need updated info, need public records searched, need to know a code, just let the staff know? Consider it done.


They are on the cutting edge of new technology. They maintain current public records, they have a very user friendly Notice to Owner service, they offer varying on line services as well as staying involved with current affairs from Tallahassee. NACM Tampa is a staunch supporter of any and all efforts to improve the integrity of our construction industry. They constantly monitor changes introduced to the Florida Construction Lien Law statute.


TAMPA NACM is and will be my #1 credit source for the most accurate and current information available from all sources.  Bob Causey, Credit Manager, Southwestern Suppliers, Inc.

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